About Us

About Us

We have 30+ years of Professional Experience

Riseonic Realty pvt. ltd. offer a comprehensive portfolio of villas and apartments in India's finest locations. Known for its timely & quality construction, Riseonic Realty homes are fast altering the cityscape.

  • Residential and Commercial
  • Group Housing
  • Villas
  • IT & ITES Units

'Riseonic Realty' has grown steadily since its inception. The company's intention is to have a sustained and managed growth by maintaining a low debt-to-equity ratio.

The company's success lies in its ability to attract, retain and hire experienced , professional personnel with its people-friendly HR policies and maintaining the perfect work-life balance, thus keeping the attrition of employees to the lowest level.

Also, by being extremely competitive in pricing, highly quality conscious & executing only premium projects which are power packed with state-of-the-art living amenities and by providing world class sales and after sales environment to all, small or large.


Vision / Mission

To be a leading Real Estate developer known for its innovation and quality. We aim to offer customer oriented products at most competitive prices with timely delivery as per promised specifications and management accountability. At Riseonic Realty, we aim to stand apart from the rest of the crowd by making the thinking process a vital aspect of creating a home. Our thoughts and the search for newer ideas on home construction are formulated after extensive research into customer preferences and comprehensive interaction with our customers. Our attempt is to create homes that clearly reflect these preferences, through sustained speed and quality in every aspect of our operations. Riseonic Realty seeks to be an organization that fulfills its customer's needs, as and when they arise.

Our Values

At Riseonic Realty, we value our clients and many other attributes that make us one of the best builders in Gurgaon. Customer satisfaction, in the form of raving fans, is the ultimate test of how we put our values to work in on a daily basis.

We believe in sustainable development to contribute towards health, happiness and wholesome quality of life to the occupants, to live an independent modern lifestyle in a community of warm, friendly & likeminded people.

Quality Assurance

Every single project undertaken by us bears the Riseonic Realty Stamp of Quality. We not only make buildings that have great aesthetic appeal, but also take great pain to ensure they are safe and sturdy.

We are committed to Design, Develop, Construct Commercial & Residential projects and provide services to the customer with an objective to exceed their expectations.

We strive to prevent environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources, prevent shortcomings and occupational related issues to our people by adopting appropriate safety & quality measures by using high standards and latest technology.